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As our population grows, the demand for clean water increases, as does the demand for tillable farmland and urban development. These natural resources are declining, meaning our production needs to use them as efficiently as possible.  The products and services offered by Ideal Polymer Solutions (Formerly Just Pipe & Fittings) meet the need for improved crop yields and stormwater quality, while maintaining our responsibility for environmental stewardship.


Ideal Polymer Solutions takes pride in providing our customers with direct and expedient access to soil and water management products, and now we’re taking it a step further. Today we can balance productivity and sustainability by offering an expanding line of products to help our customers control drainage and improve stormwater quality in both rural and urban areas.


It’s not just our products and services that make us successful. The most important success factor is our employees, who genuinely care about the product and our environment. Our team includes highly skilled and innovative people, with expertise in steel and plastic welding, CNC machining, design and many other areas.


Let Ideal Polymer Solutions help you be more than outstanding in your field.



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At Ideal Polymer Solutions Inc., we take pride in our products and services, and our dedication to providing our customers with competitive and effective stormwater solutions. We strive to raise environmental and quality standards in the drainage and stormwater industry through continual research and education, and product improvement.

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